My Children’s Book and Overcoming Fear


It is with a mixture of humility and hard-to-contain excitement that I am thrilled to announce the release of my first book, Bruce the Brave! A children’s tale that will endear readers of all ages, Bruce the Brave is a heartwarming story about an adventurous little boy who finds the faith to overcome his biggest fear.

This is a story for my own children, for your children, and for YOU. These are words I weaved together several years ago, and now they are available to you! It’s a story of adventure, courage, and faith.

But if I’m completely honest, this story is so much more. Because these simple pages of ink and paper are the tangible expressions of perfectionism and fear laid aside.

Bruce the Brave: a tale of faith to overcome fear

Friends, it took me four years to publish this book. FOUR YEARS. I wrote it, commissioned the artwork, and then … it sat. It sat on my desk collecting dust for four years because I was scared. Scared that I wouldn’t find the right publisher, scared that it wasn’t perfect, scared that the work of my heart might fall flat.

But fear is not of the Lord.

Bruce the Brave: a tale of faith to overcome fear
Bruce the Brave: a tale of faith to overcome fear
So I published it. I FINALLY published it. With the patient encouragement of my husband and the gentle urging of some beloved women whom I have the blessing of calling my new friends, I set perfectionism and fear aside and took a step of faith.

This is the result. It is a story for your kids and a story for you. It is a story for us ALL. Because sometimes we all need to be reminded of the real and beautiful truth that is is He who makes us BRAVE.

Bruce the Brave: a tale of faith to overcome fear

If you’d like to purchase Bruce the Brave, you can buy it from Amazon or direct from the publisher. It’s currently on sale at Amazon! (Though I don’t know how long the sale will last.) Go grab a copy for yourself, your kids, or to give as a gift. It would bless me immensely to share this book and its message with you!

Your support means the world to me. Thank you, friends! (I’ll be announcing a giveaway in the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned!)

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5 thoughts on “My Children’s Book and Overcoming Fear

  1. gina

    So glad to hear that you overcame your fear! I share it! But I subscribed to your blog long ago because I recognized your talent and your ability to write your heart. God bless!

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