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ShaleneI’m a former national magazine editor-turned freelance writer, wife to one incredible husband and Mama to three precious children. Following graduation from TCU, I took my first job as an associate editor at Shine Magazine. After a short stint there, I spent several years as the editor of Signature Kitchens & Baths and Innovative Home magazines, where amongst other editorial duties, I wrote … a lot (click here to read samples).  Eventually I resigned to pursue freelance,  and just one year later, our son was born.

Since that time, the task of mothering has consumed all of my time and energy. Though I retain a few editorial clients, I spend the bulk of my days changing diapers, wiping tears, sweeping up crumbs, refereeing squabbles, feeding hungry tummies and watching profound beauty unfold in the midst of it all. And while I wouldn’t have it any other way, I still desire to craft words that will resonate, to create beauty that will move. I appreciate good design, interior decorating, whole-foods cooking and the not-so-occasional vanilla latté. I relish the opportunity to create beauty–no matter how simple–whether it’s weaving a stitch into linen or arranging blooms on a table. And I especially enjoy composing art with words, capturing moments with images, and working to fuse the two into one emotionally moving story. Five years ago I completed a book proposal aimed at high school- and college-aged women. And though that proposal has been collecting dust since the arrival of our children, I sincerely hope to revisit those pages and revive that content sometime in the near future.

12 thoughts on “meet shalene

  1. aleandtere

    I’m so glad I found your blog through Casey’s link-up!!! You are so beautiful and your kiddos!!!! oh my!!!!! I followed your blog on wordpress and can’t wait to read all about your adventures and see your beautiful photography.

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      You are so kind! Thank you for your sweet comments. I look forward to sharing some adventures on this blog with you. I just clicked over to your blog, and your space is beautiful! Blessings to you, friend!

  2. Raygan McCann Watson

    I came across your blog today thanks to the post on Two Ellie. It’s a long story but the scripture has significant meaning to my Mother and I, and we actually jus had a graphic designer create a piece for us two weeks ago using Psalm 91:11. So reading and seeing it again today in your work, I feel was truly encouragement from God that I needed today. I LOVE your blog. I’ve been reading past posts. What a beautiful gift you’ve been giving… are an amazing writer. And for what it’s worth…..I’m addicted to blogs…I read dozens a day…and this is the first time EVER I have felt compelled to comment….EVER. Feel truly blessed to have found it.

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Raygan, what an encouraging verse Psalm 91:11 is, and what a blessing that the Lord has used it in your life in a significant way. I’m so glad you stopped by! And THANK YOU for your comment and words of encouragement! You have blessed me immensely!

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Charity, you are so sweet! It’s readers like you and comments like this that make me feel like the little bit I share on this space is worth the effort. Thank you! So nice to meet you!

  3. Julie

    “Five years ago I completed a book proposal aimed at high school- and college-aged women. And though that proposal has been collecting dust since the arrival of our children, I sincerely hope to revisit those pages and revive that content sometime in the near future.”

    I was wondering how you feel about this statement today. I’m new to your blog, and I think it is so interesting to see this statement (it resonates with me), and wonder how it feels to you now, especially seeing all that has come from this blog.

    I really enjoyed what I read, and enjoy your honesty. Looking forward to visiting here more often.

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Julie, funny that you should ask. My heart pounds at the thought of a book … a good pounding, a nervous, could-it-be? pounding. Fear holds me back, but this blog is providing much-needed encouragement and confirmation. God has used it to bless me in incredible ways, and I would like to think that a book may indeed be in the near future.

  4. gina

    Hi! I’ve been reading since the beginning. You have really found your voice with some recent posts that touched so many. Maybe a listing on you sidebar of your most popular posts? So happy to see your blog grow.


    Hi Shalene
    I love reading your blog, so encouraging and you are so transparent…I was wondering if you could send me your article on working mom vs a stay home mom, it was so encouraging….to us moms that have to go out and work, felt like you showed compassion to both stay at home moms and working moms and for both to pray for each other and not judge them…is there any way you could send that blog to me at
    thank you so much.

  6. Cassandra

    Beautiful blog! I too, am a Mama who loves to write…and who is usually too busy doing Mama things to do much writing. {{{And who is totally and completely fine with that.}}} ❤

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!


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