My work | Faith and Composition
“I had the privilege of working with Shalene for several years before her sabbatical to start a family. During her tenure, she demonstrated a very rare combination of characteristics that make her a powerful force in our media industry. Allow me to explain: First, I found her to be a highly skilled writer, possessing precision with facts and a strong sense of the market she was addressing. As a writer and editor, she not only believed in deadlines, she met them. And the progress of each task, story or issue was always transparent. Shalene loves to write, and it shows in her results. But the added and unique benefit that comes with Shalene is her delightful and engaging style of personal communication. This I have not found in many writers of her caliber. It equipped her with a combination of skills that gave me great confidence that she would not only deliver back the written words with excellence, but also represent our cause with extreme professionalism. Shalene is a rare talent indeed.” 
– MARK HULME, CEO & Publisher at MMG (Parent Company to DS NewsSignature Kitchens & Baths); Producer, The Jobs Movie 

“Innovative and creative minds are often unreasonable. We often color outside the lines, shout when we should whisper, and jump over logical processes and standards. Shalene is one of the few professionals I’ve been lucky enough to work with who can keep me and my clients focused in the right direction while still allowing us to play with our crayons.”
– JASON ILLIAN, Author/CEO El Gato Media; Founder BookShout!  


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