Succulents in a Coconut Half Shell

Succulents in a Coconut Half Shell | Faith and Composition

With spring in full swing and summer beckoning just around the corner, I find myself longing to infuse some fresh air into tired spaces. From a figurative standpoint, I’m trying to make a little room for some white space in my mind; trying to clear some anxious thoughts and replace them with the peace that passes understanding. And from a literal standpoint, I’m bringing a bit of green into our home.

I’ve always loved having living plants throughout our home, but admittedly, I can’t always keep them alive. Enter succulents. They’re rather fuss-free, so long as they’re planted in well-draining soil and are situated in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. If you’re looking for some living greenery that is easy in the maintenance department yet big on visual appeal, succulents are the way to go. And for an interesting presentation that adds texture and contrast, plant your succulents in a coconut half shell. For tips on planting, click here.

Succulents in a Coconut Half Shell | Faith and CompositionA coconut half shell serves as a perfect vessel for succulents. It’s impermeable, and the size is ideal for nestling one small plant inside. When planting in a coconut half shell, use only the half that has the coconut eyes. Those eyes will rest on the bottom, anchoring the shell and allowing it to sit flat when atop a table or shelf.

Succulents in a Coconut Half Shell | Faith and Composition

How about you … how do you bring greenery into your home? In what creative containers have you potted succulents or other plants? 

Faith and Composition

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2 thoughts on “Succulents in a Coconut Half Shell

  1. gina

    Really pretty. I have several succulents ready to be divided and replanted. Exciting to me! Love the coconut shell idea. Too bad we lost three coconut trees a few years back. I never appreciated them when we had them. Now coconut water is so popular I wish I had them. All I ever thought of was the coconuts falling and making a mess and possibly striking someone in the head!


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