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Hope Rising

Hope Rising | Faith and Composition

Sometimes, the days are hard. And occasionally those days can stretch into weeks, months, even years. There are seasons that can seem bleak and hopeless. I’ve been there … a season of anxiety that seemed to pull me deeper and deeper into darkness, and I feared I might not again see the light. Circumstances and emotional instabilities have a way of robbing us of our joy.

I have a feeling some of you might be in that place today; there’s a still small voice whispering that perhaps you’re in need of some hope. If you happen to find yourself in the midst of difficult times right now; if you’re heart is bleak; or if you simply find yourself discouraged, weighed down by present demands, then hear this, dear friend. These words are for you.

Hope Rising | Faith and Composition
Hope Rising

If you’re sinking in the waves of depression, hope is rising.
If you’re drowning beneath the weight of addiction, hope is rising.
If you’re swimming in a sea of shame, hope is rising.
If you’re burdened by the ache of a breaking heart, hope is rising.
If you’re crushed by the grip of shame, hope is rising.
If you’re shackled by the fears of anxiety, hope is rising.
If love feels lost, your dreams seem dead, and your heart is a hostage, hope is rising!

Because we have
A Rescuer
A Resurrector
A Redeemer
A Mighty Warrior
A Messiah
A Savior
We have Jesus!

And he binds up broken hearts and sets the captives free. He looses chains and breaks the shackles of bondage. He turns beauty into ashes, breathes life into dry bones, and brings the dead to life.

He makes all things new!

So yes … Hope is rising.

Do not be despaired. Lift up your eyes to the heavens from whence come your help, because
HOPE.IS.RISING.FOR.YOU on the name of Jesus Christ!

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