To the Mom Who Fears She’s Missed Her Calling


To the mom who’s tending babies and teaching toddlers and training teens … to the mom who gave up goals and dropped dreams and put aside plans … to the mom who commits herself to the pouring out and the selfless sacrifices and the unseen work … to YOU … please allow me to tell you something:

You have not missed your calling.


I know sometimes it feels that way. But the 1,000 selfless sacrifices you make every day for the good of your children is the Gospel at work. And right there in your home as you love and teach and serve, you are fulfilling the Great Commission. You aren’t just raising the next generation. You are making disciples. You are bringing up Christ followers.

And there’s no greater calling than that.

 John the Baptist never performed a miracle, and yet when he spoke of him Jesus said: “Among those born of women, there is no one greater.” (Luke 7:28). John lived his life pointing to Christ, and humanity is changed for it. How might the world be changed simply because you live your life pointing your children to Christ?


G.K. Chesterton said, “The business done in the home is nothing less than the shaping of the bodies and souls of humanity.”⁣

 Your daily tending to the needs of your children is a tangible shaping of bodies and souls. You who are literally the hands and feet of Christ are doing work that will ripple throughout eternity. You are called to this high work. It’s not your only calling. You may have other giftings that will play out in different spaces and at various times. You may have other places to use your talents; there may be other areas God will use you for His glory.

But your motherhood role is perhaps your most important calling.

So no dear mama, you haven’t missed your calling. You are living in the midst of it right now. Motherhood is the Gospel at work in every moment of every day, and IT CHANGES LIVES FOR ETERNITY.

Don’t ever think less of it.

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