The Fellowship of Mama Friendships

She came over the other day for a cup of coffee. Just an average Friday. Two kids in tow, workout clothes and not a stitch of make-up. No mask. No pretense. Real. Authentic. Honest. Her.

We stepped onto the patio where a much-needed cleansing rain was washing away the heat and the grime of 100-degree Texas summers … a tangible expression of what would happen in our hearts. Refreshment, rest, rejuvenation.

The conversation flowed and time slowed while the babies crawled at our feet and the older kids tumbled in and out. Crazy, chaotic, abundant life happening around and below and above while life-giving words hung in the midst of it all.

Our coffee grew cold and our hearts warm as we shared our dreams and our struggles, our victories and our failures. Truth poured forth and bravery broke free on that back patio.

Just two moms, authentic friendship, and a God who whispers “I’m not finished with you yet.” And suddenly, the desert dissipates. The parched heart finds water. The sand-starved eyes glimpse the promised land.

Motherhood can feel isolating. The poured-out moments and the constant demands of little hands can leave a mama’s heart starving and empty.

But there is a feast to be found in the fellowship of a friend. For a burden shared is a burden halved and a lonely heart finds joy in the journey when another joins.

This is the blessing, the beauty, and the necessity of authentic friendship. It is an emotional filling up for an empty spirit, a drenching rain for a drought-tired heart.

C.S. Lewis said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’”

Sometimes we think we’re the only one … tired, discouraged, poured-out and parched dry. Until an unmasked friend in all her authenticity shares a cup of coffee and says, “you too?”. And suddenly those words are like a cleansing rain to your drought-drained heart.

So put on a pot of coffee and call a friend. Be honest about your struggles and transparent about your dreams. Real. Authentic. Honest. You.

Let the babies crawl and the tots tumble. Let your kids see you doing life within the fellowship of friendship, and let your desert-dry heart soak up the cleansing rain. And suddenly, I think you’ll find that your spirit sighs. “You too?,” it says. “I thought I was the only one.”

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