A Return to Writing and IF

A return to writing and IF | Faith and Composition

It’s been a while since I’ve written, a long while. Between the width and the breadth of the last time I posted, we’ve lived a lot of life. To say it’s been busy is a gross understatement. Since July, we sold our house, built a new one, moved into a temporary apartment, had our fourth baby, and then, finally moved into our new home. In some ways I feel as if I am just now catching my breath.

I hate that I’ve been silent here for so long, but it has also been healthy. It has helped me to see how much I truly love this space, and how much I appreciate you. I have longed to feel these fingers strike upon the keys, and that is good. So I look forward to returning here with some regularity.

A return to writing and IF | Faith and Composition

God has put a return to writing upon my heart for a while now, and I can ignore it no longer. Over and over He has patiently pressed; and over and over I have said, “Yes, but …

But I’m too busy, I’m too tired, I’m too stretched, I’m too incapable.

But I can no longer make excuses. Just this weekend, sitting in a group of women at an IF:Local gathering, I watched Jennie Allen take the stage. She began to talk about the next step for IF, and I felt my spirit whisper a prayer: “If she says it, Lord. I’ll do it.” 

Then I laughed a bit at the ridiculousness of it all. Because of course, she wouldn’t actually ask us to submit content from up there on that stage. And then she did. Just a couple minutes after praying, she invited us all to share our voice.

And I couldn’t breathe. 

A return to writing and IF | Faith and Composition

Only a gracious God who loves His daughter intimately could cause the calling He’s placed upon my heart to be confirmed from a stage. Sometimes I am like Gideon and the fleece. Show me, Lord. OK. Now show me again.

So he showed me. And now here I am.

A return to writing and IF | Faith and Composition

Does anyone else relate? Is there a burning calling upon your heart? That one thing you know you should do but you’re terrified of all it will require of you? The story you want to tell; the art you want to create; the thing you want to orchestrate; the idea you long to bring to life. What is that brave, beautiful thing that will cost much and cause you to be stretched and poured out in ways you didn’t think possible? What has God called you to do that will require the undeniable working of His hand in order to accomplish it?

Those things … those are the things I want to spur you onto here, and those are the things to which I want you to hold me accountable. Because if we encourage one another to set aside convenience, to roll up our sleeves, to get up early or burn the midnight oil to do the hard work of that thing He’s woven into the very fiber of our being, then the effects could echo throughout eternity.

A return to writing and IF | Faith and Composition

It’s a call simply to be faithful and a promise to do the next thing. Who’s with me?

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12 thoughts on “A Return to Writing and IF

  1. Clare

    So glad you are back ….over here in the UK, I’ve missed your beautiful gracious encouragement to be closer to Jesus. Thank you for listening to him x

  2. Gmg227

    This post was perfect timing for me. I’ve been hearing Him calling me, but with two littles I kept putting it off. I finally started tonight and I couldn’t be happier. Glad you are well and writing again!

  3. Lynnette

    Thanks for writing again! I love the way you admit your share so eloquently what we have all struggled with and gently nudge us to answer.

  4. Jasmine Green

    So good to “see” you back, Shalene. You’re a gifted and incredible writer. Thank you for sharing your world and heart with us. xx


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