FREE Beautifully Brave Mother’s Day Printable!

Beautifully Brave, FREE Tribute to Moms Printable | Faith and Composition

Today I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with my lovely friend, Teresa of Hugs & Punches to bring you a darling FREE printable inspired by Wednesday’s post:

Beautifully Brave – A Tribute to Moms (be sure to hop over and read it; it will encourage your heart!). 

(The links to download are at the bottom of the post.)

Beautifully Brave, FREE Mother's Day card printable | Faith and Composition

When I originally wrote the post, I wanted it to be larger than just this blog. I wanted the words to reach as many readers as possible. So I reached out to my precious friend, Teresa, and we were excited to collaborate. She designed this beautiful printable to feature some of the words, and I am so glad she brought her talent to this work! Because as you can see from the printable and the styling of the images, Teresa sees abundant beauty in the midst of the everyday.

Beautifully Brave, FREE Mother's Day card printable | Faith and Composition

In addition to bringing you this art print and card, I also wanted to highlight a few women who are living examples of #BeautifullyBrave motherhood. And in honor of Mother’s Day, won’t you do the same? Recognize a few Beautifully Brave moms in your own life (your sister, mom, best friend, neighbor) and encourage them by sharing to the #BeautifullyBrave hashtag. Because we all long for a little recognition in this incredible motherhood journey!

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First up, Megan Burns over at She Does Justice has the most remarkable heart for empowering women to make a difference.

Her sewing business has transformed into a way to fight for change in the 5 areas that Christ is leading their hearts: adoption, empowering young women, healthcare in Africa, orphan prevention, and anti-sex trafficking.

Megan of She Does Justice, a #BeautifullyBrave mom | Faith and Composition

Check out her shop (t-shirts, boho turbans, wraps for your oils, etc) where 10% of their gross sales go to support these organizations and further their amazing work … and YOU get to choose where it goes!

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As I mentioned above, Teresa is my dear blog friend, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Hope Spoken this year. She instantly became a kindred spirit, and I know you’ll love her too! Teresa has a beautiful blog, and a stunning family!

Teresa of Hugs and Punches, a #BeautifullyBrave mom | Faith and Composition

The mother of six, she and her husband have two biological children and four they have adopted from Ethiopia. Her stories of her children will break your heart in all the right ways and inspire you to see the bigger picture of family. She is a brilliant advocate for adoption and for stepping out in faith when the Lord leads. She’s also currently working on a book, titled Beautifully Interrupted. Go follow her. Trust me!

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And next, the lovely Kristin Schmucker is a Beautifully Brave mama to three girls: one is in heaven and two are in her arms. She blogs over at her namesake blog, where she’s currently in the midst of a May Scripture Challenge.

Kristin Schmucker, a #BeautifullyBrave mom | Faith and Composition

Kristin’s passion is leading women toward a life of intentional simplicity and growing them in the Word.

Her shop if full of mugs, prints, devotionals, candles and more…all with encouragement tied in. You really must check here out (blog + shop).

pink double stripe

I hope you and the moms in your life love these printables!

Stick ‘em somewhere with washi tape, as Teresa did…or slide it on into a frame and give one as a gift! May they lift your spirits, encourage your heart, and remind that you indeed are anything but normal. You are Beautifully Brave!

Beautifully Brave, FREE Tribute to Moms Printable | Faith and Composition

Click here for the 8×10 print.

Beautifully Brave, FREE Printable, Tribute to Moms | Faith and Composition

Click here for the foldable 5×7 Mother’s Day card.

FREE Mother's Day Printable card | Faith and Composition

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friends!

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4 thoughts on “FREE Beautifully Brave Mother’s Day Printable!

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  2. Stephanie

    Thank you very much for your posts Shalene!! They have meant so much to me and have been a great comfort. I’ve learned so much from you! Hope all is well and wanted to ask if you’ve ever thought about combining your posts into a book? It would be a fabulous book! 🙂


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