A Little Announcement …

Announcing Baby 4 | Faith and Composition

It’s been quiet here the past couple weeks, and for good reason! I have hardly been able to muster the energy to keep my family fed and sane, let alone make time for additional activities. Truth be told … I have been exhausted!

The reason is a good one, indeed! We’re expecting baby number 4!

I made the announcement public on Instagram recently, so if you follow me there, you may have already heard. But I wanted to share the good news here too; I wanted to share our joy with you and give you a little glimpse at a quick photo shoot we arranged to tell friends and family.

Announcing Baby 4 | Faith and Composition

Truth be told, I know having four children is going to be challenging. I know the demands on my husband and I are going to multiply, and I know this new little life will stretch us and mold us in ways yet unseen. Every time you add a child to your family, there is a learning phase, a season of growing and stretching as the baby fills spaces in your heart you barely knew existed. I know it will be the same with this one. I know there will be long nights and early mornings; there will likely be a few tears as we all adjust to the new normal, and I suspect I will have moments where I feel small and insignificant, times when the endless diapers and round-the-clock feedings are hard and the sacrifices feel a bit unseen. That’s often part of motherhood during these fleeting little years.

But I also realize how immensely blessed we are to be welcoming another little baby into our family. Truth be told, we weren’t planning, and yet God knew. In some ways I can’t believe it, and in other ways it feels undeniably natural, like this is the family God has intended for us all along.

Announcing Baby 4 | Faith and Composition

Please pray for us during these next months as we prepare to welcome this new little baby into our family. We have a lot of changes coming up, in addition to the demands of part-time homeschooling, the logistics of running a household, the requirements of three kids seven and under, and the plans I have for this little space. Juggling it all could prove to be quite the challenge, and yet more importantly, I want to ensure that I am slowing down a bit to savor this season of preparation.

Announcing Baby 4 | Faith and Composition

Thank you for your continued support here! Your readership and your comments always encourage me and buoy my heart. I look forward to sharing more with you as we journey towards becoming a family of 6!

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5 thoughts on “A Little Announcement …

  1. K

    Congratulations and god bless! We are expecting our 3rd in July and I can relate to a lot of the things you mentioned above such as schedules, school, etc. I know it’s going to busy and that there will be an adjustment period for all, but we will get there!


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