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Introducing the #ThanksIn30Challenge

ThanksIn30 Instagram Challenge | Faith and Composition
Today I’m excited to introduce an Instagram project for the month of November. The #ThanksIn30Challenge is a project I originally launched last year, and I’m re-introducing it for 2014! It’s an opportunity to cultivate a heart of thankfulness during the month of November, and I want YOU to join me! It’s simple; here’s how.

Each day, snap an image of something you’re thankful for. There are no rules or requirements. I may occasionally pop in and give a prompt to provide some inspiration, but you can post a pic of anything that causes gratefulness to well up. Then post it to Instagram with the hash tag #ThanksIn30Challenge. Be sure to include the hash tag so we can all find you and build a community of support and thankfulness during this month. Invite your friends and family, and let’s all share in the joy of cultivating a heart of thankfulness for 30 days! The challenge starts today, but you can join at any time. I’m so looking forward to seeing you there!

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