You tell me … what makes an intentional mom?

31 Days of Intentional Mothering | Faith and Composition

We’re just over one week into this 31 Days of Intentional Mothering series, and today I want to hear from you. Because, whew … I’ve been doing a lot of talking, and I really want to know what you think. So if you have five minutes, please leave me a comment. As this series develops, I’ll try to address some of your specific issues/input. But until then, I’m all ears. You can simply leave a general comment, or feel free to answer one or more of the following questions in detail.

And no matter how you choose to reply, please know that I appreciate your support more than I could ever express! Each of you are such a sense of encouragement and friendship to me. So thank you!

Now tell me: 

What does intentional mothering mean to you?

How do you strive to be intentional in your relationship with your children?

What are some tools/habits that have helped you to pursue intentionality with your kids?

In what areas are you struggling with intentionality?

Where do you feel you fall short in your mothering?

What could help you rise above those feelings of shortcomings and mistakes?

Who is a picture of intentional motherhood that inspires you?

I can’t wait to read what you have to say! I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you!

This is Day 8 in 31 Days of Intentional Mothering. To start reading from Day 1, click here.

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6 thoughts on “You tell me … what makes an intentional mom?

  1. gina

    I think one of the ways I have become more intentional as a mother is to let go of all expectations and just love my child right where he is. Accepting that he is at a certain emotional level and deciding to meet him at his level even though that may not be where I think it should be. Knowing that he is perfect just the way he is, made perfect by God. When I can appreciate him despite shortcomings, I am able to reach him and truly love him. That love is truly nurturing both of us. I surrender to God to be my rock when I just want to hide. My son is 13.

  2. Mindy

    I think the most intentional thing I can do for my children is to prayerfully lose my life on every point, at every point, every day. The LORD knows all of my hidden motives, my sins, my temptations, my desires–godly and not, and my shortcomings. He will help me raise my children to His glory.

  3. Shannon Hunter

    I try to pray intentionally for my husband and children. I have a pray guide that I printed from that I read every night.
    I try to intentionally watch what I wear because although my daughters are young, they are watching closely. I make sure my shorts are an appropriate length and gave up bikinis.
    I struggle with; Am I doing God’s will or my own? Am I making God a top priority or my children? Can I take this task on or am I stretching myself too thin?

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  5. Danae

    You have been such an encouragement to me lately! I pray that The Lord continues to breathe through your words! I don’t even remember how I came across your blog, but it was the perfect timing as I am a mom of two young ones, one of which doesn’t sleep more than a few hours at a time (if I’m lucky) and the second which has never ending energy. They are exhausting, but you have brought me back to perspective and the reality of God’s purpose for me as a mom. Thank you!

  6. Kelsea

    I’m a new mother and I’m realizing how important being intentional is. I’ve seen my flaws grow large now that I’m a mother and I really want to be the best I can! Thank you for sharing with me and encouraging me. I’m excited to follow you daily.


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