31 Days of Intentional Mothering

31 Days of Intentional Mothering | Faith and Composition

I may be crazy, because committing to write for 31 days when I have three kids at home certainly sounds crazy. In fact, I’m simultaneously helping the oldest with his homeschool math while I type this. And the other two … well they’re off and running, leaving stuffed animals and ride-alongs in their wake. It’s chaotic for sure.

But it’s real life; the raw, the honest, the messy, the beautiful. It’s not perfect, but this task of mothering never is. And that’s why I’ve chosen to write about Intentional Mothering, every day for one month.

In committing to this, I’m joining a host of other talented writers across the blogosphere, all who have committed to write on one topic for 31 days. It will be challenging and fun, a chance to press in to the craft of writing and the relationship of mothering.

So here’s how this is going to work:

I’ll hop onto this space to share some thoughts on mothering every day in October … thoughts to inspire you and encourage you, a few to make you laugh, and a lot to remind you that though this task isn’t hard, it’s worth it! I wish I could say I have every post pre-planned, but I don’t. This is going to be fluid and organic, developing as the month progresses. Some posts will be longer than others; some days may merely be an inspiring printable to help you in your mothering journey. This won’t be perfect—case in point, I’m starting one day late, so it’s going to technically be 30 days—but I’ll try to be here every day. And I hope you’ll join me!

So with that being said, are you ready for more? Then come back tomorrow, and join me and other readers as we pursue intentional mothering for the month of October!  

This is Day 1 in 31 Days of Intentional Mothering.
Day 2 – Confessions of an Unintentional Mom
Day 3 – Intentional Mothering Is Not …
ay 4 – Intentional Mothering Is …
Day 5 – Intentional Mothering Begins with Brokenness
Day 6 – But Then Grace
Day 7 – The Secret to Intentional Mothering
Day 8 – You Tell Me: What Makes an Intentional Mom?
Day 9 –

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23 thoughts on “31 Days of Intentional Mothering

  1. Hannah Nichols

    How about encouragement/discussion on the days when you feel you have completely failed your children as a mother? Sometimes at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, I think wow “epic fail”. My children are my world, I love them with every part of my being, but I’m not perfect, not even close, and most days I fail them. Right now I need to know there is hope for tomorrow, that tomorrow is not lost it’s a new day, filled with Gods grace and forgiveness, and that it’s not to late to do better tomorrow.

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Goodness … I wish I had that figured out! I’ll see if I can weave some thoughts in on that this month, because it’s an area that is a struggle for me.

  2. Kate

    Love this Shalene! I’m spending 31 days challenging myself and my little community over at Seedlings Sprouting to do the same. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full but happy! Look forward to following along!

  3. Ellie Leifson

    Have any of your children ever left the house and you didn’t realize it? I had my 5 and 3 year old brothers jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. I ran inside for a minute. The gate was locked from the other side, they couldn’t get out. I went back outside and they weren’t there!! I was sobbing, called my mother hysterically I just couldn’t think; beyond, “Why did this happen to me??” And blaming myself every step I had taken that evening. We ended up finding the two boys. The 5 year old (n.a.u.g.h.t.y. that one!) had just learned how to climb up the fence and could barely reach the lock on the outside of the gate. They got out and just wanted to take a walk. One week later, the 5 year old snuck out the window when we thought he was asleep!! Climbed out his bedroom window, down the drainpipe, to the ground, and got out of the backyard gate again. I was petrified to let any child out of my sight for a long time afterward. I’m married now and don’t have any children if my own yet, but I know some of the hardships! And this blog has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you. I would be glad to know I’m not alone in the “children running off” moments!!

  4. Sylvia

    How do you deal with an incredibly smart, creative but disobedient and stubborn child?! He’s almost 6 acts like he’s 30, without feeling like you’re ALWAYS disciplining/frustrated with him? Bless you and thank you for your wisdom and vulnerability

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  9. Shannon Hunter

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I feel like you’re speaking directly to my soul. May the good Lord continues to bless you with an amazing talent of blogging.

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