COLORADO and the Majesty of God


Colorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and CompositionBefore I begin this post, I feel I should give you a fair warning. This wasn’t the easiest entry to write. It should have been … it’s a vacation post for goodness sake! But I couldn’t get the words out. I couldn’t get them out because there was something else there … something else that needed to be said. 

It’s just that … well … how do you convey an experience in which you get the tiniest glimpse at the width and breadth of God’s majesty? It’s impossible. There are utterances of the heart for which there are no words. And that was Colorado for me. It was an utterance of the heart, and now I’m trying to share it with you … and I fear I’m going to fail miserably. But hear me out, because I’ll try my best to give breath to the stirrings within.

Colorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and CompositionColorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and Composition

It’s easy in this life to get wrapped up in the minutiae of each day. As a society, we spend our days ordering our lives through a computer screen, a phone, a tablet. When not tied to a device, our vision is limited by our own current circumstances. The four walls of our home or office comprise so much of our lives, that it’s easy to forget how BIG and majestic God really is. When we spend our days away from the vastness of nature, it’s only a matter of time before the applause of God’s creation no longer reaches our ears. God has spread before us a canvas of the most masterful art and beauty ever designed; He’s given us a vast testimony to His great goodness, yet we so often choose to avert our eyes. I don’t think it’s necessarily intentional, I think it’s just habitual. We grow accustomed to paying attention to the details of our day, and we forget to look up.

But earlier this summer while in Colorado, I looked up.

As we wound along the road leading to Pikes Peak, I looked up and out at that wide expanse of mountains stretching as far as the eye could see, and I was astounded.

COLORADO, a review | Faith and Composition

There’s a reason the Psalms say: “I lift up my eyes to the mountains … (Psalm 121:1). Because when you look up, when you feast on God’s creation, there is abundant hope, beauty and the promise of redemption displayed by Him for all to see.

Psalm 121 goes on to say: ” … where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Because when you lift your eyes to the mountains, you suddenly realize that your problems pale in comparison to the awesome might of our great God. Situations that seemed insurmountable suddenly shrink when contrasted with the tangible proof of His power and majesty. Fears flee, worries cease, loads lighten.

Colorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and CompositionColorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and Composition

On the side of Pike’s Peak, I found tears streaming from my eyes as I marveled at the fact that the God who created all this knows me by name … He knows YOU by name! And even more than that, he sent His son to die so that you and I might enter into a relationship with him. There is NO better news, my friends! It’s good news for me, it’s good news for you, and it’s good news that He has broadcast in every rainbow, across every field, atop every mountain and throughout all of HIS creation. I know that truth in the core of my soul; I’ve known it for years. But it was revived on the side of the mountain. The beauty of His creation does that … it buoys hearts, revives spirits, rekindles flames. 

So look up, my friends! Tear your eyes away from the details of your day and take a moment to go outside and breathe in His creation. You don’t have to go into the mountains … you simply need to look out. Creation is a love letter penned from God to you; so open your eyes and open the letter!

Colorado and the Majesty of God | Faith and Composition

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3 thoughts on “COLORADO and the Majesty of God

  1. Sunny

    Thank you, Shalene, this is exactly what I needed this morning! Your words filled my heart with joy, and joyfully, I praise the Holy Father for his awesome ways!

  2. hopefulgirl828

    My parents just bought a house with an unobstructed back porch view of the Sangre de Cristos. We spent this weekend there and are looking forward to many, many more. I too get overwhelmed at the majesty of God when surrounded by the mountains of Colorado. So glad you enjoyed your trip and shared these fabulous photographs!


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