Let’s All Be Brave

Let's All Be Brave, a review | Faith and Composition

I almost hesitate to tell you how I met author Annie Downs. In truth, it’s a little bit crazy on my part and a lot of goodness on God’s part. But because the opportunity mirrors the message in her newest book, Let’s All be Brave, I’ll share it with you.

A few months ago, I downloaded and devoured the first few sample chapters of Let’s All be Brave (download your sample chapters here). From the first page, I felt such truth in Annie’s words. She spoke with beauty and conviction about finding the courage to pursue the God-given gifts, the hope-against-hope dreams planted deep within.

When I finished the sample, I felt the strangest tug in my spirit to reach out to her. Because there’s this book project on my heart, and frankly, I’m terrified of pursuing it. Terrified I’ll fail, terrified of the critics, terrified that it will take so much more than I have to give. So I’ve shelved it. Year after year it sits in the back of my mind and collects dust, imprisoned there by fear that enslaves.

But Annie’s words were like a breath of fresh air blowing into those dark recesses, brushing away the dust. Those first few chapters of Let’s All be Brave lit embers of courageous faith in my spirit. I was at a point in my dreams and with this blog that it felt like her words were written directly for me.

Let's All Be Brave, a review | Faith and Composition

So I took a deep breath and reached out to Annie. And through coincidence, God’s providential timing or a combination of both, she and I sat down together just one night later to discuss writing, publishing and the importance of being authentic. After the stage lights had dimmed on a Girls of Grace conference, and the crew began loading the bus to take the team to the next city in their tour, we sat on a bench and chatted like old friends. Because that’s what you get with Annie; she’s a real-deal, full-of-life, vivacious personality who blends the right amount of humor with a heaping dose of honest authenticity and a whole lotta truth.

Crack the spine of Let’s All be Brave, and you’ll see what I mean. Annie uses scripture and real-life anecdotes to share the powerful truth that God made you on purpose, He made you to be brave, and He will equip you to do that which you’re called to do. She then cheers you on as you discover those truths in your own life. Each page is written to inspire God-given courage. Just listen:

My prayer for you today is that you will open the eyes of your heart to the map and the next brave thing and the step you need to start. Tell someone your dream. Maybe even at the bottom of this page, or in the margin, you can write that first step. Make that first move to research or learn or pray about the thing that is like a God-struck match lit on your insides.

Maybe for you, it’s writing a note. Singing a song. Making a phone call. Having a conversation. Composing a story. Writing a check. Booking that trip, Sending an e mail. Going on a date. Reading a book. Signing up.

I’m trying to list as many options as possible, but you know the thing God is doing in your life better than I do. It’s time to get quiet before the Lord and ask him what it looks like for you to live a life of courage today. To start.

Just start.  (excerpt page 30)

And that’s just the beginning. Throughout the book Annie will encourage you to step out in bravery as she shares stories of her own journey and gives you the courage to do the same. This book will light a fire within. I promise.

But don’t just take my words for it, hear it straight from Annie. And after you’ve listened to Annie’s heart, click here to purchase Let’s All Be Brave now!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s All Be Brave

  1. Ellie Leifson

    Let’s all be brave….. “My prayer for you today is that you will open the eyes of your heart to the map and the next brave thing and the step you need to start.” Oh, you have no idea!!! I’m pouring my heart out here because I have held it in for so long… I need to talk to my family. I left my parents and siblings not on good terms and married a young man that they hardly knew. Seven months before I left and almost married him; ended up returning home and was so confused about what I wish I would have done. Or what I wish I hadn’t done. I wished that life could be more like it was before all this. I didn’t talk to anyone, I shut everyone out and tortured myself with all these thoughts and didn’t know where to turn. I went back to this young man and we married a few weeks later. My family had been in this state for two years and wanted to move back where they had been before. Everyone missed it there and Dad moved as soon as he got work again. I took the opportunity as a good time to leave them. They were not able to come to the wedding. One thing that has been in my heart is that they would have come had we waited a bit longer. And I w.a.n.t.e.d. them at the wedding!! But my father did not approve and would not have walked me down the aisle. I felt in my heart I could not have him there and not walk me down the aisle. I still would have gotten married, but I never would have been able to deal with that utter disappointment. Are those the right words? At least they are close. We had the wedding when they couldn’t come and I think I had it in my head that maybe, maybe if we had waited, he may have walked me down the aisle. My heart needed that hope. That maybe. Because the no was too hard to think about. To have to live with forever. To have disappointed my father with my fiancée that I would not be given to him? I was not a girl that thought about my wedding when I was young. But that was the one thing that would happen, that my Daddy would give me away. We are two days shy of one year of marriage now . I rarely speak with my family. My siblings a little, my parents hardly, if at all. They want to talk and I am petrified to. I am scared of all the talk and hurt coming out into the open and facing my sin. I am scared that I will somehow make the situation even worse than it is now. I. Am. Scared. Do I trust God? I know that He wants me to do this and I am not growing spiritually in these areas because I have put off these important conversations. But I can’t get out of myself. I have decided to go to hair school for one year and I need to ask my mother to send my diploma to me. Will I text her? Will I call her and make it short? Or will I talk at all about important issues? I am almost 22 years old but I’m a child in this area. I would despise my mother when she would tell me an area where I was immature. I would give anything to live one of those days again.


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