An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up {My Favorite Cup of Coffee}

{Simply because it’s Friday, and I feel like being a bit light-hearted today, I’m sharing a lifestyle post. So kick your feet up and grab a hot cuppa, because we’re discussing one of my favorite indulgences … coffee.} 

The Perfect Afternoon Pick-me-up, perfecting the pour-over method | Faith and Composition

It hits me every day around the same time … the afternoon slump. As the hands of the clock near 2 pm, the exhaustion sets in. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have toddlers, and I tend to follow their schedule (read: I need a nap too!); or maybe it’s simply that we operate with such frantic busyness in our society. Whatever the cause, nearly every day I am in desperate need of a pick-me-up just a few hours into the afternoon.

If I can resist the urge to strap the kids into their carseats for a quick drive to the nearest coffeehouse, I’ll make a cup at home using the pour-over method. A simple, unfussy mode of brewing coffee, the pour-over method results in a robust cup without a lot of bitterness. But it’s not just the flavor that has made this one of my favorite methods of coffee preparation, it’s also about the ritual. The whistle of the tea kettle, the careful pouring of hot water over the beans, the sound of coffee percolating into my cup below. It’s all very soothing. My kids could be running rampant with toys strewn about the floor, but this five-minute preparation and the resulting cup is a little personal escape.

The Perfect Afternoon Pick-me-up, perfecting the pour-over method | Faith and Composition

Here’s how to do it:

Fit a paper filter inside your pour-over device. I use this one I picked up for just $6.99 at World Market. This one also gets great reviews. Run water through the filter and the pour-over brewer to rinse; and discard the rinse water. This step isn’t necessary, but it will eliminate any paper lint and prevent the filter from falling in on itself when you pour the hot water. Scoop fresh-ground coffee beans into the filter. (I use approximately 2 heaping tablespoons per 10 ounces. Adjust the amount of beans to your liking.) Stack the pour-over device atop your coffee mug.

The Perfect Afternoon Pick-me-up, perfecting the pour-over method | Faith and Composition

Meanwhile, heat water in a kettle until it just boils, then pull the kettle off the heat for 30 seconds. Pour a small amount over your coffee grinds, being careful to saturate the coffee. Set the kettle down and inhale the aroma. No really, it’s delightful! After a few seconds, pour the remaining water over the coffee until it nearly fills the filter. Let it drain into the cup below with a rhythmic percolating sound. Add cream or sugar if desired, and enjoy!

The Perfect Afternoon Pick-me-up, perfecting the pour-over method | Faith and Composition

Et voila! Your perfect afternoon pick me up.
Do you have a ritual afternoon break? If it involves coffee, how do you take your cup?

Faith and Composition

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14 thoughts on “An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up {My Favorite Cup of Coffee}

  1. gina

    I’ve been adding a little 100% cacao (Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa found in the baking section of the grocery store) to make a mocha cup. Sometimes I add to some cinnamon to the cocoa. When I’m really feeling brave I add cocoa, cinnamon, ginger, and a tiny bit of cayenne for a warming kick. Crazy, huh? But good! Love the ritual, too. Just recently found out that my concoction plus vanilla, minus the coffee, is Mexican Hot Cocoa. Who knew!

  2. Johanna

    It is 2:00 and I just sat down to read today’s blog!…. my usual afternoon break would include a cup of locally roasted medium blend, prepared in our French press, but this afternoon I skipped out on the coffee as I had two this morning at a meeting ! Love my coffee as well! 🙂

  3. Shelly

    I just recently started brewing my coffee this way and love it! I don’t have a real pour-over device yet, so I simply put the filter into a small strainer and place it on my mug. Works great! Thanks for this happy, comforting little post. I could almost smell the loveliness! 🙂

    1. Cheneria

      Ohhhh! I love coffee! If home, my usual is a classic brew, dark roast, with a little French Vanilla creamer. Depending on how dark I have it will determine if I add a teaspoon of sugar. Otherwise, my creamer will give me the sweetness I desire. If there was a scale, I would be more toward a bitter cup if coffee. Oh, and I’ll have to try that pour over method. I bet the aroma is to die for. Thanks for this post.

  4. Hannah KIng

    Hi Shalene, I have only recently discovered your blog, and I just love it. From your honest words to your beautiful photography – such an inspiring place!
    I also have an afternoon (and morning) coffee ritual, which I love and relish! When I got married four years ago, my sister in law gave us a stove top coffee pot from Rome, where she was living at the time. Ever since then, I have made coffee using it, and about a year ago, I discovered the wonders of a stove top milk frother too, which changes everything if you like latte’s! Then, for my birthday last year, some friends bought me Monmouth coffee, which is made by a coffee company in London, and it is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Needless to say, I love coffee, and whenever I am in London, I have to make a trip to Covent Garden, just to stock up on Monmouth coffee : )

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Thank you Hannah! It looks fantastic! Are you in the states, and if so did you order it from the amazon UK site? I can’t seem to find it on the US Amazon site.

    2. shaleneroberts Post author

      I just checked your blog (beautiful by the way!) and answered my question about whether or not you’re in the states! I’ll have to see if I can find it in the states!!!

      1. Hannah

        Ah sorry you’ve had trouble finding this frother on Amazon US -I’m surprised! As you discovered, I live in England, hence the British link : )

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  6. Tiffany Jones

    I am just sitting down to read this… I am the mother of an adorable 5 month old 🙂 I try to enjoy my coffee before she wakes and, until my parents sort of took up residence here, I used to brew my coffee the pour over method too! My husband doesn’t drink coffee, so it made sense to just make a cup for myself 🙂 I have a silicone foldable one that can go places 🙂 It’s perfect for travel or for home 😀


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