A Recipe for Preserving Children

A Recipe for Preserving Children | Faith and Composition
My mother was recently sorting through some old boxes when she came across a letter dated July 12, 1970. It was addressed to my mom and was penned by her grandmother, my great grandmother. The contents of the letter contain a recipe for “Preserving Children,” which was published in the July 11, 1970 issue of a local publication. As the promise of warmer weather and longer days draws near, I adore the whimsical advice in this delightful recipe. I think you will too!

A Recipe for Preserving Children

1 large grassy field
6 children
3 dogs
Narrow strip of brook with pebbles
Hot sun
Deep blue sky

Mix the children with the dogs and empty into the field, stirring constantly. Sprinkle the field with the flowers; pour the brook gently over the pebbles. Cover all with a deep blue sky and bake in the hot sun. When the children are well browned, they may be removed. The children will then be just right for setting away to cool in the tub.

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a richly blessed weekend.

Faith and Composition

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5 thoughts on “A Recipe for Preserving Children

    1. susan

      My childhood included a generous helping of this recipe. July 12th is my birthday. I have 6 siblings. We grew up playing in fields and brooks with our dogs and horses. I am blessed by the memories of these days gone by. As I read this recipe, I could almost imagine the fragrance our sun-kissed skin being soothed and cleansed in the bath bubbles. Thank you for this reminder and inspiration.

  1. trojanprincess

    This is very lovely! I am so happy to have found your blog! I haven’t found one as warm, richly written and deeply encouraging as yours! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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