A Visit and a Letter to a Friend

A Visit and a Letter to a Friend | Faith and Composition
It’s an overcast day, and rain is threatening to spill over when I arrive at her house. I have three kids in tow, and we scoot through her door. Within the first five minutes of our visit there’s a baby on the floor between us, and the four older kids are down the hall transforming pillows and cushions into the fortresses that come alive inside the mind of a child. And we’re sharing tidbits of broken conversation and engaged hearts, littered by the frequent interruptions of five children aged five years and under.

Mugs in hand, we laugh at the comedy, the hardship, the privilege of motherhood. And fragmented as it is, this conversation is rich; these words are real; this friendship is tangible.

We’ve known each other for 13 years now, this friend and I. We’ve shared a collegiate experience, positions in publishing, deadline-driven nights and the stress of magazine production, but none of it compares to the bond we now share as mothers.

She’s my take-me-as-I-am, never-pass-an-ounce-of-judgment friend. The one who leaves me a  little more encouraged, a little more energized. Her artistry inspires me, and she encourages my creativity. Through the past decade we’ve seen each other through laughter and loss, job transitions and house relocations and through the magnificent and the mundane.

The rain stops, I gather my three, and we all walk outside. We chat on the porch, commenting on things like boxwood basil and gardens with pea gravel paths. The older kids run to the sidewalk and pick up sticks, as if they’re literally building the foundations of their own friendships. The sun stretches long and naps are ruined, but hearts were encouraged and laughter was shared. And really, that’s the stuff that matters in friendship: the unmasking, the filling up, the encouraging. So thankful for a visit and a friend who does just that for me. Love you, Kat!

A Visit and a Letter to a Friend | Faith and Composition
It is a goal of mine to be more intentional about writing letters this year, telling the people I care about just how much I appreciate them. I won’t always share them on this space; sometimes, in an effort to maintain a dying art, I’ll be writing real postage-required letters with ink on paper. But whenever I do pen some sentiments, I’m going to be sharing a glance at them on Instagram. If you’d like to join me (please do, I’d love to have you!), snap a pic of your letters and share on Instagram with the hashtag #letteredthoughts.  

This post was inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker and her Five-Minute Fridays. You can find more of my Five-Minute Friday posts here.


4 thoughts on “A Visit and a Letter to a Friend

  1. Jolene Underwood

    Very well done and beautiful sentiments. Friendships like this are a treasure and I am thankful for similar ones. The years of our lives intertwining with each other create such strong and unique bonds. Blessings.

  2. Kat

    Well my dear, what a special letter. It warmed my heart and took my breath away. It was such a simple day and I remember it very clearly. I was in my sweats without any makeup and the visit was just as paired down, relaxed and easy going. It’s funny to think that the times when you think you didn’t do much, are the times that are sometimes the best and most meaningful. I cherish our friendship, and know that you are just the same “take-me-as-I-am” friend to me as I am to you. I love that about you! I have turned to you for so many words of wisdom, and feel you always have my best interest at heart. You have prayed for me in my presence and from afar. Our conversations are light and deep, but always refreshing. I love how different you are from me and how much we are the same. That is what makes strong friendships. I love calling you friend. Thank you for your sweet words.

  3. LLH Designs

    Letters are the BEST! I used to be so good at sending everything from 10-page letters to short little notes. I’d love to get back in the habit. I have no excuse since I design stationery! 🙂 And there’s something about seeing someone’s handwriting. So refreshing in the midst of all these typed words.

  4. Nancy brown

    Your article came so close to my own relationship with my friend that each word put a big smile on my face. To top it off, I get to the end and you say her name is Kat! Lol We have had to move a couple of hundred miles apart now for the last 20 years but somehow we are still connected and always know when something is wrong with the other and it’s time to check on them. Friends forever.


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