A Letter to My Husband {on his birthday}

A letter to my husband on his birthday | Faith and Composition
He turns 34 today, the man I have the privilege of calling my husband. We met at the age of 18; we were both young college freshmen who found ourselves on a campus situated hours from our respective childhood homes. He came from a small north Texas town to study business and to hash it out on the gridiron (he nearly went pro). I came from Missouri to study literature and had my sights set on law school.

We met in Spanish that first year, or so we think. Neither of us is sure of the exact moment we met, but through Spanish class and FCA, a friendship formed. Over the years, we maintained a close platonic relationship with some flirtatious moments scattered throughout. We confided in one another and chided each other with the banter that close friends share, but I never saw him as anything more. We occasionally said I love you, and it was genuine, but it wasn’t romantic. At least not then.

Fast forward eight years—through The Lord doing a work in our hearts, lifting the veil from my eyes, arousing love when it so desires—and I was standing at the altar with the man who had grown from good friend into the only one I wanted to spend my life with.

Today that man turns 34. He leads humbly and loves selflessly. He provides and protects, he pursues Christ and practices authenticity. He is a loving husband and a tender father, never hesitating to bend his large hands around the small grip of our children.

A letter to my husband on his birthday | Faith and Composition
B, I am so thankful that I get to call you mine. You love me in a way I often don’t deserve, and you love our kids with the most beautiful tangible expressions. You are the roots for my artistic heart, and you are my guidepost when inspiration takes flight. I am at rest with you, and when you’re away my heart longs for you like a homesick child longs for home. You are my cleft in the rock, my shelter from the storm.

Our life has had some ups and downs, but this journey with you is a rich blessing indeed, and there’s no one else I would want by my side. It brings me such joy to share the adventure of this family with you, and I am proud to bear the title of being your wife.

Today, as we celebrate you, know that I love you with more depth each passing day!

Happy Birthday!

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3 thoughts on “A Letter to My Husband {on his birthday}

  1. Kathy Roberts

    I too love your husband, for his humility, caring, and especially for his smile (and dimples). What a gift he was to us 34 years ago, and still is! Happy Birthday son!

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