Friday Freebie {John 10:10 F R E E Printable}

I have come that they may have life, free printable | Faith and Composition
Happy Friday, friends! I’m popping in today to share a pretty little F R E E printable with you. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basic tenants of our faith; sometimes we need to be refreshed by life-giving truth. When our days are difficult and life seems empty, when we’re overwhelmed by sickness, dirty diapers, wailing children, endless meals, mountains of messes … we need to remember that Christ came so that we might have life, and have it TO.THE.FULL. If your life seems a bit empty, your tasks a bit mundane; if you feel a heaviness in your spirit or a weight around your heart, be reminded, dear friend, that Christ came so that YOU might have life to the full.

If you’d like to print this and hang it in a place that may encourage your heart, click here for the high-resolution 8×10. Otherwise, please feel free to pin it, share it, tweet it. In other words, feel free to use it in a way that may remind you of such life-giving truth.

If you do print it and display it in your home, please let me know! I’d love to see it displayed in your space! Or better yet, snap a pic and share it on your blog then come back here and share the link in the comments.

Linking this up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s FIve Minute Friday. This print is free for non-commerical, private use only. The watercolor wash is a combination of my own hand-painted creation and a few free photoshop brushes by Creature Comforts. I also created the laurel swag using a free photoshop brush by the lovely Creature Comforts. If you do share this on your own blog, please include a link here as the original source.    


8 thoughts on “Friday Freebie {John 10:10 F R E E Printable}

  1. Veronica

    I love this verse ❤ Stopping by from 5 minute Friday and so glad I did! I love your Free Printables! I am one that posts verses and quotes everywhere I can see them and this is so beautiful! Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Linsey, that’s right! I read that on your blog a while ago. I had forgotten until now that you mentioned it. Such a great verse! And I’m excited to see what continues to develop with your farm!


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