Five Minute Friday {LAST}

I’ve had a few sick kiddos this week; first the boy and now the baby. Just a fever and lethargy, but I’ve logged some time in the rocker. As a result, two of this week’s planned posts got pushed to the wayside. So instead, today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for her Five Minute Friday. Just five minutes of unscripted writing on a prompt she posts. I have a feeling I’m a bit late linking this up, but I’m posting anyway. So here goes …

LAST | Faith and Composition

He’s five now. Kindergarten looms, and these are his last days as a preschooler. The baby fat has melted away. The rubber-band-like indentations are gone from his wrist, and the pudgy belly has been replaced by a slender abdomen that shows the faint outline of muscle beneath. He has his daddy’s gait, tall, slightly bowed legs that stretch long as he walks. Though he’d really rather run, and when he does he laughs and begs for a race.

He’s five … no longer teetering between toddler and boyhood, he’s jumped headlong into the adventurous masculinity that defines little boys. He’s all stinky shoes, a sweaty hairline, a competitive spirit, a hunger for adventure and a heart for the wild. I blinked, and he started to grow up. I look into his brown eyes, witness the whisperings of his soul, and I get glimpses of the man he will someday be: fierce but gentle, brave but compassionate, wild but loving.

These last five years were but a breath. Five more and he’ll be ten, then 15 … I want to press the shutter on the camera and never release it; just freeze time. Freeze all 3 feet 6 inches of him, freeze those impish dimples and piercing brown eyes that speak to me in a language not even he can understand … the language of a first-born boy to his Mama’s heart.

And yet the shutter releases, the hemline of his pants rise to high waters and another pair of too-small shoes get cast aside for a larger size. Oh Lord may he learn to sink his roots deep into the fertile soil of your word! He’s five …

I’ve got a great guest post planned for Monday, an efficient, yet effective work-out especially designed for moms with little ones by by a fellow mom. I can’t wait for you to meet Heather, so I’ll see you Monday. Until then, have a blessed weekend!


16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {LAST}


    Love the unscripted, yet so poetic writing captured in just 5 minutes! I miss getting to spend quality time with you 😉 Thanks for sharing! As my little man approaches only 3, I still blink and see him growing all too fast 😉

  2. Danielle

    Watching them grow is bitter sweet! I am excited to see the people they become, but it is strange how quickly it all goes! Thanks for sharing!!!

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