To my Husband on Father’s Day

Image ©Bloom and Bramble

Image ©Bloom and Bramble

My Dearest B:

Just over five years ago, T entered this world, all 9 pounds of him and that full head of dark hair. I was spent after laboring 27 hours, so you held him first. Large, work-worn hands and your 6-foot-4-inch frame folded around that tiny bundle of a miracle made manifest right there in our room. Your firstborn, your son. T made us parents; he made you a Father.

Watching you hold that little miracle of life, the boy God knit together from me and you, was to watch your heart unfold and literally wrap itself around that child. A son is born and grace takes on flesh.

Two and a half years later, F entered this world. A girl, our first girl … and a tenderness arrested you as her tiny finger curled around yours. Her momentary struggle with breathing, caused you to struggle with the strength to stand. And now your heart is wrapped around her twirling, beautiful, strong-willed self. She is me, minus 30 years, and your tender patience tempers her fierce spirit. She softens you, and you anchor her, and she is Daddy’s girl.

And then just five months ago, our sweet surprise–our ever-present reminder that His ways are higher than ours–swept into our hearts just as quickly as she entered this world. A rush of a two-hour-20-minute labor and your pulse racing as you endeavored to help me, and then N was here. She too struggled with breathing, and your knees weakened again. Brown hair, blue eyes, her fists curled by her face and she was God giving you another girl. Tangible beauty nestled in the strength of your arms.

Watching you as a father has been one of my greatest joys. Your body kneeling to help our children is a picture of grace reaching down and pouring out, while little feet dangling from atop your shoulders is an image of strength stooping down to lift up. Nowhere is your servant’s heart seen more clearly than within the walls of our home. You leave pride and expectations at the threshold of our door, and you serve our family with patience and humility. But even more than that, you seek to follow the Lord’s leading as you strive to lead us.

And so today, on this day that celebrates Fathers, I want you to know how much we love and respect you, how much I love and respect you! You hold the position of provider and protector for our family with selfless humility and quiet grace. You are to all of us a powerful warrior wrapped inside a tender protector. They call you, Dad. I call you my husband, my friend.

Happy Father’s Day! I love you!


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