A Weekend without Social Media – My Review

Redeem the Time - A Review | Faith & Composition

On Friday, I challenged you to take the Redeem the Time – Mini Pledge. Several of you joined me in that experience, vowing to turn off social media for the weekend and instead focus on being fully engaged in the real moments of your days. A few of you have already contacted me to tell me how much you enjoyed the experience, and I’ve loved hearing from you! Abbey messaged me to say, “It was so refreshing not to mindlessly log on to social media and really focus on relaxing or getting projects finished around the house. I think this may be my weekend plan from here on out!” And Sarah left a comment saying: “I found that without CONSTANTLY checking what was new on Facebook and Pinterest that there was much more interesting and worthwhile new happening right there in front of me.”

My experience certainly echoes those sentiments. Turning off social media was a much-needed act of self-discipline. But once I vowed to keep it off for the weekend, I felt this small sense of impending freedom. It really feels a bit silly to write that. But the fact that I wasn’t tempted to fill my facebook and instagram feeds with witty updates and filtered images detailing my activities enabled me to just be, without the pressure (no matter how subtle) of “likes” or approving comments.

Looking back, I realize the pledge accomplished two things for me:

  1. Without the added noise of social media, my thoughts were less cluttered, more coherent. My head wasn’t constantly interrupted by status updates, and I found some mental rest … something I’ve been needing desperately! As for the thoughts that did come to me, they were mine. I didn’t broadcast them to the world, and (barring a few exceptions), I didn’t feel the need to share them publicly. Luke chapter 2 tells of the shepherds who came to visit Jesus’ birth. While there, they shared what the angels proclaimed to them about Jesus. And Luke 2:19 says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” I don’t know about you, but I need to practice more pondering.

  2. I shared in my last post that social media dangles that ugly carrot of comparison front and center. Why? Because most people don’t post about their mundane activities. It’s not the average day that gets mentioned, it’s the notable moments. And even then, we tend to prettify them. So when we see a friend post images of her recent vacation or read of her remodel, and we then look around us and see that the baby has just spit up, the dog has tracked in mud, crumbs litter the floor, and the two-year-old has her hair stuck around a Thomas the Tank Engine wheel (which may just be my exact view at the moment) it’s easy to compare our current circumstances to our friends’ highlight reels. Now I’m certainly not saying that it’s wrong to share exciting moments via social media. We’re social creatures, and we want others to share the joyous moments with us (I do my fair share)! But when we’re a constant consumer of other people’s pretty online lives, it’s easy to get a bit jaded.

All in all, the weekend was much needed and quite beneficial for me. And I realized how much influence I’ve given social media in my own life. As a result, I’m going to be cutting my usage back a bit. I’m not turning it off, because it certainly serves some great purposes when managed wisely (it’s a fantastic mode of staying in contact with friends and family). However, I will be making more of an effort to be a better steward. And I may even make the Redeem the Time pledge a regular weekend practice!

What about you? How did the pledge affect your weekend? If you took part in it, please comment and share your experience! We’d all love to hear your thoughts.

If you want to explore a bit more about social media and the comparison issue, this article is a great read.  


4 thoughts on “A Weekend without Social Media – My Review

  1. Danielle Brooks

    I admit it was tough at times but I completed the challenge!! I primarily Facebook.
    I do a daily devotional most mornings and some how Facebook usually creeps in right before. It was nice to have my thoughts more focused and to have pure focus on what MY plans were for the day versus what Suzy Q was doing. 🙂
    I found that I really missed sharing pictures of my kids! We made some fantastic memories this weekend. I found myself sending a couple picture messages to Nana.
    I missed the positive and inspiring Facebook friends that I have. I love the Bible verses, feel good quotes, and real life experiences that they share.
    In my “downtime” I didn’t aimlessly scroll through Facebook. I feel I was more-in the moment!
    I told my kids about the challenge…..every time I would look at my phone I got told “mom! You aren’t supposed to be on Facebook!!! ”
    I will be much more aware how often I am on Facebook, I will no longer look at it before my time with God, and I will be thankful for technology that allows me to communicate with friends and family.
    Thank you for this challenge!
    Oh! I was a lot more bored in the bathroom as well! Lol!

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Danielle, I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenge! Regarding your comment about missing sharing pictures of your kids … I discovered an app called DayOne (http://dayoneapp.com/). It’s a journaling app that allows you to upload one pic for each journal entry. It’s not free, but in my opinion, it’s been well worth the $4.99. While I LOVE sharing pics of my kiddos on FB too, I’m now trying to do more of that in DayOne. Why? Because my FB posts will eventually fade into internet obscurity, but with DayOne, I can print all my journal entries and archive them. I may even print a book of them as a keepsake! Just wanted to pass it along!

  2. Brandi

    I did it! I loved it!

    And what I discovered was that I really didn’t miss it. I don’t have children or a husband to occupy a lot of my time, however, I found that I was using Facebook as a means to keep busy when there are so many other things to keep my focus. One thing is for sure, from this experience, I have made the commitment to NOT utilize social media until AFTER I have had my devotional and quiet time with the Lord. It was made clear to me that I was putting social sites above that and, for me, is not OK.

    After re-entering the world of social media on Monday morning I found that it really is mostly other’s opinions on things that I really don’t care about, or a bunch of recipes that I will NEVER cook. I do enjoy hearing and seeing from my friends and family and lifting one anothers burdens if there is a prayer request to share, and I appreciate the encourageing words or images folks will share. But overall, it has almost become boring and I don’t think I could have seen that clearly without taking the break this past weekend.

    Thank you, Shalene, for opening that door. I will be putting the practice of less social media and more REAL-life stuff into place more and more.

    1. shaleneroberts Post author

      Brandi, I wholeheartedly agree about not using social media until after having a quiet time! All too often, my iPhone is one of the first things I grab in the morning. How sad! I’d be so much better off to listen to the Lord first before allowing the voices of the world to seep in.


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