Working Miracles


If you read my previous post, you know my cousin was in an accident a week and a half ago where he suffered a severe concussion and several skull fractures. At the time, the prognosis for his recovery was unknown.

Today I am happy to share that Erik has made incredible progress, and the prognosis looks good. My uncle shared recently that he is responding well to therapists, is eating, is less agitated, and is beginning to process the fact that he sustained a severe head injury. It is doubtful that he will ever remember the accident or the week following, but his short-term memory is returning.

One week following the accident, my uncle posted this to his facebook page. I share it with you to encourage you that our God still works miracles!

From my uncle: “I am not a very emotional or openly spiritual person, but Erik’s recovery cannot be classified as anything but ‘miraculous.’ If the next statement offends you, I apologize but; God is great and can perform miracles. … I do not discount medical intervention, and we are blessed to live in a country that can handle emergencies such as this, but I also cannot comprehend the amazing recovery Erik demonstrated without an acknowledgement of a God who defies our logic. There is an Eternal Father that upholds us through difficulty; and I am unable to find any reason not to trust Him for Erik’s advances.”

Thank you to all who prayed! Please continue to do so, and remember that God still works miracles. Just watch and see!


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