Please Join Me in Praying


On Sunday, my cousin (the eldest son of my mom’s brother, who lives at the farm I mentioned in my last post) was in an accident. He suffered a severe concussion and several skull fractures. Today he was transferred from a Kansas hospital to a brain injury rehab facility in Nebraska. At this point, the prognosis is somewhat unknown. He is conscious and responsive but has lost his short-term memory. 

If you could join me in praying for Erik and the rest of my family (especially my aunt and uncle) during this time, we’d appreciate it. The journey to his recovery may be a long one.

I took the above image while at the farm a few years ago. If someone you know is embarking on a journey of any kind, and you would like to gift them this print or use it as a notecard to write some encouraging thoughts, please leave your e mail address in the comments. I will be glad to send you the jpeg file, which you can use for personal use only. Image may not be altered in any way. 


2 thoughts on “Please Join Me in Praying

  1. gina

    I think he is in good hands and in time he will heal. I don’t know the details of the accident, but the fact that he is still here means he has been given the promise of something wonderful to live for. So wonderful that Erik is still here! May God bless you all and comfort you and your family. The photo is a lovely reminder of the journey we all take. So glad to meet you on mine! 🙂


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