Letter to a Five-Year-Old Birthday Boy

Monday marked five years since the day our little boy was born. He was due February 28, 2006, but (much to my dismay) he waited and made a delayed arrival 12 days later. At 12:21 a.m. on March 11, following 27 hours of labor, my husband and I welcomed him into our emotionally exhausted, physically drained arms. He weighed in at 9 pounds, one-half ounce, and he greeted us with wide eyes and a full head of hair. I remember feeling a wave of relief and thinking that this precious boy I’d had the privilege of carrying for nine + months was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen.

As our firstborn, he awoke in me fierce emotions that I hadn’t previously experienced. I didn’t know I could love so deeply, so sacrificially. And I never knew I could pray so earnestly for the well being of another. He made me a mother, and that little bundle brought with him all the joy (and yes, the trouble and the heartache) that title entails.

From the moment he entered our family, Trey has been such an incredible gift, and I can scarcely believe he is now five years old. There’s something about five that makes a mother’s heart ache. There’s a realization that time passes too quickly and he’s growing up much too fast. Five brings with it a host of milestones … namely, kindergarten and the start of elementary school. Elementary school then inevitably ushers in junior high, and eventually (be still my rapid heart) it’s onto high school. I can hardly fathom the thought. And yet, it has been such a blessing to watch this little boy with his dimpled grin that mirrors his father’s begin to grow into the man God is shaping him to be. I have no doubt that it will bring unspeakable joy to this Mama’s heart as I continue to watch Trey and his passions unfold before me with the passing years.

So today, this note and this post are for him, my dearest firstborn:

Little Man,

My sweet boy! How quickly the time has passed. I blink, and you’re five years old. Another five years, and you will be 10. I can’t bear to think of it! Even then though, I know I will still sneak into your room once you’ve fallen asleep to tuck you in a bit tighter, give you a kiss and say a quick prayer. I do it all now, every night, and I am sure I will continue.

There’s so much that I love about you, sweetheart. I couldn’t possibly contain it all here. But I must say that your insatiable hunger for adventure and your everlasting supply of energy are such a delight (even if I don’t always express excitement at the boundless energetic things you do). You are all boy, and you run your dad and I ragged sometimes, but your thirst for the wild and the adventurous is God-given. Never lose that spirit my sweet boy! Your inquisitive nature sometimes gets the best of you, and yet it is such fun to watch the workings of your little mind as you analyze a problem, muse on a situation or engineer a creation. The Lord has given you a uniquely designed, intelligent mind. Stretch it, always! Read, learn, explore, discover. And while there are times when you antagonize your sisters, the way you love and care for them makes my heart sing. So often you think of their needs before your own, being the very example of a sacrificial giver. Without even knowing it, you set an example for others, for me. You love us all with a wholehearted tenderness, and we couldn’t possibly love you more! I adore you, sweetheart! I adore your heart, your dimpled smile, your sweet care and concern, your compassion for others. I pray that the Lord will continue to give you passion for life,  adventure for your spirit and a heart that seeks to know and glorify Him.

Happy Birthday! We love you to the moon and back.


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